About Us

Our mission is to provide the community with from-scratch doughnuts made with only real fresh ingredients and lots of love.

We offer 3 types of dough: brioche / cake / vegan

  • Brioche: our beloved yeast-risen doughnut is light, fluffy and slightly sweet and is filled with house made custard, creams, or jellies. Our dough rests for 24 hours to reach ideal flavour development.
  • Cake old-fashioned style: a cake lovers dream! Our old fashioned doughnuts are perfectly dense with a crusty exterior with lots of cracks for our glazes to sink into
  • Vegan: a dairy free cake style doughnut made with coconut milk! Stay tuned as we work on our vegan brioche recipe

Crave Doughnuts is a small locally owned business located in Clarington. We use quality ingredients to make real doughnuts that are cut, rolled, and filled by hand. Our doughnuts are always fresh and never frozen.

Crave was created from a serious love for doughnuts. We decided we wanted to bring our passion to each and every bite by bringing something different and fresh to the classic doughnut that we all know and love. We have so much fun creating doughnuts with fun and delicious flavours!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Owners – Nicole Morais and Jeremy Black

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How did you start crave?

Nicole and Jeremy started crave in November 2017. We both love doughnuts and would never miss out on an opportunity to eat one! We decided to travel West across Canada eating all kinds of doughnuts along the way. After gaining experience, we decided to move back home to start our own business in our hometown. When you buy our doughnuts, you are supporting our local business! We are so thankful to have Clarington as our supporting community.

We would love to have our own brick-and-mortar shop for you to visit…we are just not there yet. It is a very difficult and expensive process that we hope to be able to achieve soon. We currently make our doughnuts from a shared bakery. For now, you can find our doughnuts at the Baking At It's Best located at  835 Westney Rd S #11, Ajax, ON L1S 3M4 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Our doughnuts are made with quality ingredients that cost more then average. We source ingredients locally supporting small businesses in our community. Each doughnut is rolled  + cut + filled + dipped by hand by our team which takes more time then using fancy equipment like a dough sheeter and glazer.

We understand how it can be frustrating to hear that we have sold out for the day. We are doing our very best to make sure we make enough of our doughnuts to last throughout even the busiest mornings. Most of our doughnuts need 24 hours from start to finish.

We are not nut free. We love incorporating nuts for texture to our doughnuts like our pecan pie doughnut! We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We do not make gluten free doughnuts. We may offer a flourless alternative to our line up in the future.

Our busiest days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Since our doughnuts are labor intensive and we are only a team of 2, we decided to focus on weekends until we open our own shop. We are more than happy to accommodate larger requests on weekdays, just contact us!

Depending on the season, we usually start our process at midnight to have our doughnuts fresh and ready to serve to you by 9am

No. We do not offer delivery on pre- orders. Orders can be picked up at the Deadly Grounds café where we sell our doughnuts Friday-Sunday. We can offer delivery for special occasions like weddings/corporate functions for an extra fee.

Our minimum pre-order request is 2 dozen.

In the beginning, we tried small batch pre-orders however, quickly realized that our small team could not keep up with demand. It took away from what we could produce for walk in customers at the Deadly Grounds and Pop Up markets. As such, we have decided to focus on ensuring we provide quality, fresh products for all on a first come basis. We want to be fair!

We do! Our mini doughnuts are just like our regular ones, in a two-bite size. Perfect for weddings or parties. Our minimum order request for minis is 6 dozen.

Monthly. We love having fun with new flavours, but sometimes we keep some throughout the months because we get such positive feedback. We feature a flavor weekly sometimes too! We change it up to keep it fun and work with the seasons. Let us know your favorite flavor!

Still have a question? Send us an email to info@cravedoughnuts.com